Genomics for functional foods



Why 3rd Party Certification?

One way to assure integrity of your products so your consumers are guaranteed high quality products, as well as maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies, is to allow a third-party to test and certify your products. 

Ingredients in the dietary supplement and functional food industry are unique because while most of these ingredients do not have to undergo pre-market FDA approval, they are still regulated by the FDA from product integrity perspective. Moreover, consumers deserve products that are, consistent, made using safe ingredients, and ones that help them maintain health and wellness. 

A third-party testing company such as Canomiks can test your ingredients for quality control and quality assurance so you can not only differentiate your product but also protect against regulatory and brand risk.


What is Canomiks Certification?

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Ingredients used in these products have been verified by Canomiks technology to have a healing effect on the genes important for maintaining health and wellness (eg. gut health, cardiac health, vascular health, joint health, mental health, metabolic health). 

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Samples have been tested by Canomiks scientists using the Canomiks technology platform for contaminants (LPS, lead, mercury, arscenic, radiation).

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The packaging and informational materials that have been tested by Canomiks are permitted to use the ‘Canomiks Certified’ badge.

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The products have been tested using the Canomiks platform, which is based on the principles of data science, artificial intelligence, systems biology to verify ingredient-induced gene expression. 


How does Canomiks Certification Work?


GeneTune request form
Please fill out the GeneTune request form with your contact information and we will schedule a consultative call to introduce our process and understand your needs. 


Once you decide to choose our certification program, you have to provide the necessary information including the ingredient information, lot number, and sample numbers. Additional documentation requested: Active ingredient certificate of analysis, specification sheet, SDS, product quality control and manufacturing documentation, batch records, and finished product records. Once the documents are deemed satisfactory, and the contract is confirmed, you can ship the samples. For details about the documentation requested, please refer to the contract documentation section.


Shipping samples
You can ship samples from the given lot/s to Canomiks and samples will be subjected to above Canomiks testing. Result report as indicated above will be generated for each sample. 


Test results
Samples receiving a > 0.75 active ingredient score or > -0.25 contaminant score, will be deemed compliant and the ‘GeneTune’ mark will be allowed for the given lot. If samples are found to be non-compliant, information will be conveyed to the customer representative.


Use of ‘GeneTune’ mark
For compliant lots, Canomiks will issue the approval letter and a Certificate of Testing. Canomiks will reserve the right to ask for any further documentation as necessary. The ‘GeneTune’ mark must be used in accordance with Canomiks Contract Agreement and the guidelines for which will be provided by Canomiks.